In Tampa Bay-Florida, Asiago PDO sold out at the Italian cheeses day


​​SOLD OUT and applauses in the middle of the scene for the eighth edition of the Italian cheeses day held in Tampa Bay (Florida), in the town of St. Petersburg. At Bavaro’s Pizza Napoletana & Pastaria, under the expert guidance of journalist Vincenzo D’Antonio, tastings of Fresh and Aged Asiago PDO, enhanced by the illustration of their unique origin and of the inseparable bond between this cheese and its territory. The Italian cheeses day is an edutainment event that offers a fun way to learn more about Italian products, pairing them with local wines, in this case from California. This led to the amazing discovery of pasta with salmon and Asiago PDO or the tempting surprise of the Asiago plateau pizza: plentiful thinly sliced Fresh Asiago PDO, fresh cherry tomatoes and Speck Alto Adige PGI that, on leaving the oven, are covered by an abundant soft sprinkling of petals of Aged Asiago PDO. However, the overall winner was an incredible US- ITALIAN combination: skewers with Fresh Asiago PDO and Florida prawns. Delicious!
Membro di Aicig e Orgin
Membro di Aicig e Origin.