ASIAGO PDO and EXPO 2015: taking stock

The Consortium for the Protection of Asiago Cheese signs the Milan Charter.
After EXPO 2015, Asiago PDO continues its commitment to export its sustainable model throughout the world.

The presence of the Consortium for the Protection of Asiago Cheese at EXPO 2015 ends with a positive result; an important opportunity of enhancing the commitment to protect and promote while respecting the environment and nature that was upheld by the PDO from the Veneto and Trentino regions in the “Cibus è Italia” Pavilion, in the Slow Food area and in the Future Food District and that continues today through the signing of the Milan Charter.
Just a few days after the close of the Universal Exposition, the Consortium for the Protection of Asiago Cheese testifies to the value of local production and universal exportation of the sustainable model by announcing its signing of the Milan Charter, the manifesto with which over 1.5 million individuals, institutions, associations and companies undertake to consider food as a cultural patrimony, highlighting the value of its origin and originality by acknowledging that “agriculture is fundamental, not just for food production, but also for landscape design, environmental and territorial protection and conserving biodiversity.” In the words of the Consortium’s President, Fiorenzo Rigoni: “Our presence at Expo was based on the theme of biodiversity, in which we involved our partners and created important synergies, such a structured dissemination process developed together with Slow Food. Our commitment now continues in perfect harmony with the draft legislation on the protection of biodiversity presented by Maurizio Martina, the Italian Minister of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, and, on a global scale, with OriGIn, an organization we are a member of, which promotes the value of geographical indications at international level, a model in which sustainable development is achieved by defending local agriculture and promoting the territory.”
Expo was a unique opportunity for sharing that allowed us to see for ourselves how people were interested in the value of the certified high quality raw material of Asiago PDO and curious to learn more about its organoleptic properties. A result in line with proof of the close relationship between food and place of origin that, for Asiago PDO, produced in an area with great biodiversity, is found each day in its choices to protect and enhance the value of the territory through production that respects the ecosystem and safeguards the environment. At Expo there were three areas dedicated to the different aspects of the “Asiago PDO world”: knowledge was the protagonist at the “Cibus è Italia” Pavilion, which was visited by 250 thousand people and was where the Consortium explained about the product and its origin and organized various tasting events open to the public in the outdoor corner stand; the Slow Food area, where direct experience was the winner, with the sale of over 10,000 boxes of Asiago PDO and in which the work of the cheese-makers and the territory were illustrated and, finally, the Future Food District, a supermarket promoted by Coop, in which visitors, many of whom were foreign, showed their appreciation of Asiago PDO through their purchases.

Membro di Aicig e Orgin
Membro di Aicig e Origin.