Where Asiago is produced


Both Fresh and Aged Asiago are produced in an area reaching from the irrigated fields of the Po Valley to the hills of the Asiago Plateau and Trentino.
The area from which milk is obtained and in which Asiago DOP cheese is produced comprises four provinces: Vicenza, Trento and part of Padua and Treviso. 
This consists of the area in which Asiago cheese was originally born, the Asiago Plateau, and of the surrounding territories to which production of this cheese spread.
Asiago cheese that is produced entirely at an altitude above 600 metres and with milk from farms within this area may also bear the distinction “Product of the Mountain”.
Only Asiago cheese produced within this area is authentic Asiago DOP.
Membro di Aicig e Orgin
Membro di Aicig e Origin.