The Consortium’s Role


The Consortium for the Protection of Asiago Cheese is an association composed of cheese makers and seasoners. It is tasked with protection, promotion, development and consumer information with regard to Asiago DOP cheese.
Specifically, the Consortium:
-monitors the product, from incoming raw material through production in dairies to packaging, labelling and sale, verifying compliance with the rules of production.
-promotes the brand, denomination and product of Asiago cheese in Italy and abroad.
-spreads knowledge and accurate information about the specific nature of this great DOP production, an important heritage for Italy’s agricultural and food industry.
-safeguards the denomination from improper or illegal use, in Italy and abroad. 

Every wheel of Asiago DOP cheese is therefore guaranteed to be in total compliance with the Production Rules and the traceability of its production process is guaranteed by the Consortium itself.

Under the regulation no. 1151/2012, known as “Quality Package”, the European Union strengthens the new role of the protection consortiums, which acquire a more strategic function.
The Protection Consortiums can:
- contribute to guaranteeing the quality, reputation and authenticity of their products, monitoring use of the name in trading;
- adopt provisions aimed at guaranteeing legal protection of the PDO and the joint intellectual property rights directly connected with it;
- develop information and promotion activities designed to inform consumers of the properties that give the products added value;
- develop activities designed to guarantee compliance of the products with the rules and regulations; - adopt provisions aimed at improving the effectiveness of the PDO status, such as the development of economic competences, performance of economic analyses, spread of economic information on the status and provision of consulting services for the producers;
- adopt product optimisation measures and, if necessary, provisions aimed at preventing or impeding actions which devalue or risk devaluing the image of the products.

Membro di Aicig e Orgin
Membro di Aicig e Origin.