Consorzio Asiago Asiago PDO cheese at Mc Donald's Asiago PDO cheese at Mc Donald's

Asiago PDO cheese at Mc Donald's

It is called McItaly "il Veneto" and it is the new sandwich with Asiago PDO cheese that will be distributed by the 442 Mc Donald's restaurants in Italy, from the 31th of October to the 20th of November. The project stems from the participation of the Consortium Asiago to the system action promoted by Qualivita Foundation to enhance the PDO and PGI products in the Italian fast foods  in collaboration with the chain McDonald's. From the 2th to the 17th November an innovative campaign, that will have as a testimonial one of the most ironic, irreverent and spirit band of the moment, the MODERNI, will talk to the young people about the Asiago PDO cheese. The four musicians who harmonize the judgment of critics and audiences during the italian X FACTOR 5, will star in a TV and radio spots with a special challenge ending with... the last sandwich that will continue for all consumers on Facebook.    
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