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Champions with Asiago PDO

Asiago PDO, already World Champion at the London Cheese Awards, invites you to Vicenza, from 16th December 2017 to 7th January 2018, to discover the itinerant exhibition  “Paolo Rossi - Great Italian Emotions and Italy 82”, dedicated to the World Champion and to his epic results with the Italian national soccer team. The legendary Pablito will be in Piazza dei Signori at 5 pm on Saturday 16th December, together with Asiago PDO, to greet the city before the 5.30 pm ribbon-cutting ceremony at Palazzo Cordellina, hosting the itinerant exhibition where a collection of indelible memories and precious relics can be admired: from the golden ball to the golden shoe, to the numerous trophies won, to the shirts worn by Paolo Rossi and his opponents in the games that put Bearzot’s Italian team on the top of the world. 


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