Consorzio Asiago ASIAGO PDO AT EXPO 2015 ASIAGO PDO AT EXPO 2015


Asiago DOP - an endorsement of the value of biodiversity and admirable example of what it means to respect the ecosystem – will be a constant part of EXPO 2015, the universal exhibition dedicated to food. ASIAGO DOP, together with Afidop (Association of Italian PDO Cheeses), will be at the “Cibus è Italia” pavilion organised by Federalimentare, where you will have the opportunity to get to know its unique history in the dairy sector, a thousand-year tradition that has been built upon the passion of a few. You will also be able to taste ASIAGO DOP in the Future Food District or in the Slow Food area, where producers and breeders will actually show you what their job consists of.

There are four special events to be marked on the calendar.

From 26 June to 2 July and from 28 August to 2 September, between 11 am and 7 pm, we look forward to seeing you at our stand outside the “Cibus è Italia” pavilion for tastings and demonstrations.

Not to be missed on 30 June at 3 pm together with SLOW FOOD at the Slow Food Theater is an opportunity to get to know the Alpine dairy world and its leading figures at the meeting “Asiago DOP e il suo ecosistema" (Asiago DOP and its ecosystem): a presentation of the documentary "Capindo la late". Transhumance – the seasonal movement of men and animals – over the years in the 7 Municipalities of the Asiago plateau.

Lastly on 1st September at 3 pm, always at the Slow Food Theater, we hope to surprise you with "Alla scoperta dei profumi e sapori dell’Asiago DOP" (Discovering the fragrances and flavours of Asiago DOP), when you can learn how to recognise the maturation stages of the cheese and its dietary use. It is an event dedicated to examining the incomparable combination of factors that imparts unique organoleptic properties to Asiago DOP, a cheese that comes from the largest system of Alpine huts/dairies in the whole of the European Alpine region and is made with transformation techniques based on natural methods that have been handed down over generations.

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