Consorzio Asiago Special Award to the Consorzio Asiago for Special Award to the Consorzio Asiago for

Special Award to the Consorzio Asiago for

The Consorzio Tutela Formaggio Asiago was awarded on May the 8, during the CIBUS of Parma, at the "Formaggi & Consumi Awards" for the best "promotion and development of the PDO and of the products of the Mountain." The Awards are dedicated to the best marketing and communication initiatives, made by food companies in 2011. The awards were presented by Tespi Mediagroup (the publisher of Salumi & Consumi, Formaggi & Consumi, Dolci & Consumi e Salati & Consumi), while the jury was made of buyers and representatives of traditional retailing, food designers, chefs and restaurateurs. Luca Cracco, Consorzio Tutela, collected the award, expressing the thanks to all who voted. "For our part," says Dr. Cracco, "It is unthinkable promoting the  product without enhancing the link with the territory. Precisely for this reason, the additional wording "Product of the mountain" was included in the production rules for the PDO Asiago, with the aim of enhancing the Asiago cheese obtained from a characteristic production rich of history and tradition".
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