Consorzio Asiago Fantasy salad with Asiago Fresh PDO


Fantasy salad with Asiago Fresh PDO

Type of dish
Side dishes


Ingredients 4 servings
200 g Asiago Fresh PDO
300 g porcini mushrooms
100 g black truffle
300 g ovuli mushrooms
150 g streaky bacon
Olive oil, salt, pepper


Preparation / 15 minutes
Take the porcini and ovuli mushrooms and truffles and clean them thoroughly under running water. With a sharp knife cut the porcini, ovuli and black truffles into very thin slices. Cut the streaky bacon into strips and fry it in olive oil in a frying pan over a high heat until it becomes crisp and crunchy. Remove the fat that has formed. Take the salad with the porcini, ovuli and truffle, season it with salt
and pepper and pour plenty of olive oil over. Now put the salad on a plate and cover it with the warm bacon. Serve with pomegranate seeds if in season.

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